Revised: Saturday 14 July 2012
  1. This PaySup service displays web pages showing Slough Borough Council's Payments to Suppliers data. The publication of the data was forced upon local councils by the national government. The data is supposed to include ALL payments of £500 and above. Adjoining local authority The Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead voluntarily publishes payments of £100 and above.
  2. Contrary to national government advice and contrary to good working practice, Slough Borough Council has withheld some payment records. There is no trace of these vanished records in the council's published data. Examples of this missing data include:-
    • Payments to council staff doing extra non-contractual work for private profit
    • Payments made to councillors in their public capacity (for example: currently £26,000 to Labour's chief councillor).
  3. The council has censored a minority of published records and replaced the supplier's identity with the word redacted. You can see these records by searching the database for a supplier called redacted
  4. You can obtain the council data from
  5. The data for December 2010 (which we have included in the PaySup database), has disappeared from the council's web site.
  6. Slough Borough Council has removed the Transaction Numbers from the data. SBC has also removed the Payment Date (which the national government says should be in the format of dd/mm/yyyy). SBC has refused to provide a description for their 4 characters long Cost Centre codes.
  7. Slough Borough Council is a Unitary Local Authority which means it combines the functions of a county council and of a district council. Its activities are decided by:-
    • National government
    • 8 Labour councillors chosen for political expediency, and not, as evident by practice over many years, on the basis of literacy, numeracy, managerial ability or a demonstrable commitment to the well-being of the local public
    • Senior council staff who are predominately anonymous to the public, are unelected by the public and are completely unaccountable to the public.
  8. This PaySup service derives its name from Payment to Suppliers.
  9. To find information in the database, you should enter details into ONE of the oblong boxes (search fields) or click on one of the Totals options.
  10. If you find errors or have problems with information on your screen not being shown correctly, please tell us. Fill-in our form or telephone 01753-208111 (+44.1753-208111) or email
  11. The PaySup name, database and associated computer programmes, including their design, creation and implementation, are the intellectual property of Paul Janik who asserts his ownership and reserves all rights.
  12. You are granted a free non-exclusive license to use the PaySup service to obtain information about Slough Borough Council's activities.
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